Conditions of Use


Conditions of use KTT Match Service Bangkok Pattaya and Rayong in Thailand

1. The following terms and conditions are part of every contract with ktt Matchmaking Service. Changes are only valid if and insofar as they have been agreed in writing.

2. If parts of these terms of use be or become invalid, the customer and Ktt Match undertake these invalid parts replaced by an agreement which comes closest to what the parties wanted to agree to.

3. contractor of Ktt Matchmaking Service can be any person who has attained the age of 18 years and a spouse / spouse investigated.

4. The contract between the customer and Ktt Matchmaking Service comes with recognition of the order confirmation and payment concluded the placement fee.

5. The customer assures that the data given by him in the questionnaires fully comply with the truth and the pictures actually him or you represent and are not older than one month. the customer declares the filling and submission of the questionnaire agrees that his profile and his apparent therefrom data recorded at Ktt Matchmaking and the people, who are interested in contacts with him, will be made available.

6. The customer further assured explicitly that seriously looking spouse / life partner and currently is unbound.

7. The customer explicitly assures that he will not use Partner seekers for commercial purposes, especially not for commercial purposes in Thailand, America, England or the Schengen States, or invite will be invited by a third party. A violation will result in immediate exclusion from further service without even prorated refund of already paid commissions.

8. Ktt Matchmaking Service has the right to exclude customers with immediate effect of other services if the customer spread immoral, obscene or radical political content or attempts to distribute. Also in this case there is no entitlement to a refund paid on them commissions. Also ante celled payments are not refundable.

9. By contract, in particular the full payment (mainly the receipt of the complete referral fees on the account of Ktt Matchmaking Service is the customer acquires the right to the agreed consideration, especially the personal attention by KTT Matchmaking Service Thailand. for third-party services which the customer beyond in availing (travel agency, airline, hotel, translation agency, interpreting, accompaniment on site, etc.), has entered into no rights or obligations to Ktt Matchmaking. in particular, all incurred travel expenses are not part of this contract.

11. The data provided by the customer are stored by Ktt Matchmaking only for the purpose of executing the contract and used and disclosed only to those persons who have registered with KTT Marriage as a partner or acquaintance seeking. KTT Matchmaking Service is treated as reported by the customer data confidential and are not disclosed to unauthorized persons.

12. The customer commits itself, the documents etc. from proposed partners within a maximum made available to him. return four weeks of receipt of KTT Matchmaking Servioce, if the interested potential partner expressly agrees to stay longer of documents at the customer. The reproduction and / or dissemination of documents by the Customer is strictly prohibited.

13. Ktt Matchmaking Service is only liable for intent and gross negligence. The liability is limited in any case limited to the maximum amount of the commission fee paid.

14. Ktt Matchmaking is not liable if a brokered her person no personal meeting comes about if a partnership is not being created or if a partnership when, should also always be terminated by whom and for what reasons.

15. Ktt Matchmaking is also not liable for any damage that may be incurred by the customer through the use of third-party services (travel agency, airline, hotel, translation agency, etc.). This applies even if the third party of Ktttiger was recommended.

16. Ktttiger further assumes no liability for damages, consequential damages, losses and deficits incurred by the customer through his application, by relaying its data to prospective partners or through the electronic receipt of data.

17. Ktt Matchmaking not for the content of sites to which references are left or given, nor for damages in any form and howsoever incurred by the customer through the use or contacting these web pages or the local deals. This also applies to all links in the pages of Ktttiger.

18. Ktt Matchmaking has checked with all her partners as seeking women registered personal contact and their profiles personally. Ktttiger is not responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness and quality of questions from women available data and photos. For all damages and consequential damages the client should any resulting Ktt Matchmaking can not be held liable.

19. The contract signed with ktttiger ends with delivery of the final mediation proposal for the customer or with timing. The detailed results from the respective order confirmation. If the customer, despite all mediation efforts and intensive personal counseling by Ktt Matchmaking upon contract termination do not have any partner found a further contract with Ktt matchmaking (the respectively current price list shall prevail) can be closed by mutual agreement at prevailing conditions.

20. This does not affect the customer's right and of Ktttiger to terminate the contractual relationship for good cause shown. Such is, in particular, but not exclusively, if one of the cases referred to in the above paragraphs 7 and 8 occurs. The termination must be in any case to be made in written form. The electronic form is not excluded.

21. Unless otherwise agreed, is also on contracts and contract negotiations with foreign customers, thus customers who do not have the Thai nationality, the law of the Kingdom of Thailand.

22. Jurisdiction is Bangkok, the Kingdom of Thailand.